All About the Hug  

It’s ALL About the HUG!
After every game, match, competition, and event…
We can give a hug!
And say, “I love being here and watching you play what you love.”  Why? Because I love you!
Did you know?
A hug from a loved one releases oxytocin in the brain, which has calming effects and decreases anxiety.

Hug Story
In 2004 my youngest son, JonMark, was playing in the last game of his rookie season with the Braves in Orlando, FL. During the game, while going for a fly ball, he collided with the right field fence sustaining a very serious injury. In fact, minutes later he was in emergency surgery to save his life. I will never forget walking into his room seeing him hooked up to so many machines.

On September 7, 2009 while batting for the Cincinnati Reds, JonMark’s brother, Micah, was hit in the head by a 92 mile an hour fastball. Immediately he hit the ground motionless. Often I think back to these times. My boys were just playing a game they loved. In an instant everything changed.

The HUG, my favorite part of every game, could have been over forever!

God, in so many ways, used my sons’ love of baseball and their dreams to transform me as a mom. He helped me understand that loving them the right way meant communicating that your performance or pleasing your dad, me, or others never defines you. You see, I believe that as a parent, my purpose was to lead them to the One who created them.  That their purpose in this life is honoring the God who gave them their gifts. -Danise Owings

Hugs create culture!
Hugs are contagious!

Creating a hug culture is contagious. Our kids will follow our lead!

We can model giving a hug so that our kids hug their siblings! An enjoyable family culture can change a community. Hugs enrich sport and competition environments.  Coaches, teams, friends, siblings can all be included in adopting the thought that “it’s all about the HUG” after the game!

We can choose to wait to give all the suggestions, advice, and comments until our kids initiate the conversation. Enjoying the event together and the ride home together is essential!  Talking about the game or performance is a delicate matter, we as parents need to consider that our words are powerful and echo in our kids head! Talking about plays, hits, serves, baskets, blocks, touchdowns, outs, misses... can be a life-giving conversation or cause stress and strife.

My message is to help parents build bridges with their kids not walls.

The hope of my message is that as your kids grow up they will become your best friends and love to spend time with you. And that their journeys in what they loved to do brought them closeness to you, not painful memories. Your life will be enriched by being a safe place for them.

Remember when the event, match, performance, game is over hug them really tight, because“It’s all about the Hug!

It’s all about the HUG!

Danise Owings, Counselor, Mentor & Parent Coach, 678-989-7000.

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